Why Incorporating Supplements Into Your Healthy 21 Lifestyle is Important

So, you have decided to the take the leap into a new healthier life.. congratulations!

You now will become obsessed with healthy recipes, talking about healthy recipes, and Pinteresting “healthy recipes”.

Welcome, we love healthy recipes!  😉

All jokes aside, deciding to change your eating habits and lifestyle routine is a huge leap of faith. Especially since we are creatures of habits as humans. Most of us still have daily habits that started years ago.. yeah we are referring to how you take your coffee every morning and the same radio talk show you listen to on your way to work.  

Now that we have given credit to you for breaking DNA code and taking a leap of faith to a healthier you, let’s talk supplements.

Before you roll your eyes.. we’re not talking about the supplements seen in huge, black, intimidating bottles. You know what we’re talking about.. the ones that have stretched pictures of superhumans lifting giant weights across the front.

We're talking about the supplements that genuinely aid your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Yes, the ones that boost your energy, mental clarity, mood and help increase your results. The supplements that stand for creating easy ways to add vitamins, greens, and minerals to receive maximum physical and mental benefits.

This is one of the many reasons why we are partnered with Complete Wellness. Though Complete Wellness has a growing line of products, the few that are available are such great quality they are leaving us wanting more.


Their Advanced Probiotics will give you the good probiotics that your body needs to burn fat, boost cognitive function, increase energy, improves sleep, and more! Most people believe that the foods we eat are full of probiotics, and they are right, but they are the bad probiotics. The ones that can cause excess bloating, weight gain, muscle loss, and fatigue.

No one has time for that!

Think of your body like a car. A really cute car. Now think about everything you need to do in order to keep you (as a car) running. 

Well.. gas of course. The gas in this situation is your food. The food you put in your body reflects how you run. As you fuel your body with nutrient enriched foods you will run better.

Then, you realize even though you are running on quality foods you are still feeling bloated or gassy, drained of energy, or your weight loss journey has slowed down substantially. This is when you would need your... let’s say.. “transmission fluid”.

Your transmission fluid isn’t needed as often as fuel, but it is a valuable part of helping you run at your best. We believe that supplements are valuable tools to help you run at your best. They aid your digestion and increase the benefits of eating clean, whole foods.

So.. before you roll your eyes at supplements remember not all are the same.. and some brands are better than others. Good thing we did the hard work for you and found a really reliable, high-quality brand.

Needing a tune up? Head over to Complete Wellness! They are giving our Healthy 21 community 37% off with code Healthy21! Take this chance to see how your body feels with the help of supplements.

Report back! We need a break from talking about healthy recipes! 😆 

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