Hannah's Weightless Journey: How Healthy 21 Changed Her Life

Hey girls 👋🏼

Hannah here with a vulnerable post about my weight loss journey and why I teamed up with Laura and Paige to create a safe space for women to share their struggles and triumphs!

About 4 years ago, I was at my highest weight which was 192 lbs. The crazy thing is at the time, I had NO idea. I didn't feel like I was 192 lbs. I knew that I wasn't skinny and fit but I definitely didn't think I could check the box of ‘overweight’. During this time, my high school sweetheart and I were moving towards the direction of marriage and the only thought I had when talking or thinking about the big day was, “I have to lose weight to be a ‘beautiful bride’.” The thought of being uncomfortable in my own skin on a day that I am celebrating my love for someone was crippling, it made the experience about weight instead of love, and that made me angry. 


Anger is powerful. It has the power to kick you in the butt and force a change, and that's what it did for me. Now, this is where Laura comes in…while her story is completely different (and I love her for that!) we both were looking for an answer to our problems. Diets, programs, shakes, pills, teas, and juice cleanses consumed our time and money. After none of them were the right fit for either of us, we were about to say f*ck it when we thought, ‘all of these programs are made to show you how to live healthy for only a certain amount of days with no real knowledge of how to turn it into a sustainable lifestyle.’

That is when we decided to say goodbye to all of the programs we had signed up for and started doing our own thing. The one factor we both saw any success with through our "dark times" of searching for our dream program was eating whole foods. Now I know that sounds silly and I am sure some could be rolling their eyes right about now BUT it's true. We tried one program where we ate only whole foods for a certain period of time, and while we felt great during the program, it was so restricting that we would binge eat after the program was over, or end up cheating during. Both are terrible feelings when trying to lose weight and feel confident. 

Now, I am not saying all programs out there are terrible money stealers. All of them taught me something about our bodies and the limits we can take them to. Most importantly through this process, I learned resilience. I believe the foundation I made for myself by partaking in these programs helped me stay focused when creating Healthy 21 guidelines, and I am grateful! Together Laura and I started to create a lifestyle that made us excited to keep going... plus I was starting to lose weight! 

Here I am, almost 3 years later and I live the kind of healthy lifestyle I only dreamed of! The kind of lifestyle that allowed me to be goal oriented, conscious of what I put into my body, and confident. It is crazy how not only your body starts to change but your hair, skin, energy, brain function, and mindset changes too. Even if you view this program as a "self-care" step within your daily routine you would be moving in the right direction to an overall healthier life. That's why it is a lifestyle. It affects every aspect of your life in such a positive way. I am a better wife, friend, daughter, sister, dog mom, and boss babe. 

That is all thanks to my girls, Laura & Paige. I never once felt alone during my weight loss journey which is so important in being successful. They held me accountable, made the hard days easier, and celebrated me when I accomplished my goals! I want every woman that is about to start their weight loss journey to have the same support system that I was so lucky to have. My hope is that Healthy 21 can be many women's "Laura & Paige". Their support system.


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