Why Incorporating Supplements Into Your Healthy 21 Lifestyle is Important

So, you have decided to the take the leap into a new healthier life.. congratulations!

You now will become obsessed with healthy recipes, talking about healthy recipes, and Pinteresting “healthy recipes”.

Welcome, we love healthy recipes! 

All jokes aside, deciding to change your eating habits and lifestyle routine is a huge leap of faith. Especially since we are creatures of habits as humans. Most of us still have daily habits that started years ago.. yeah we are referring to how you take your coffee every morning and the same radio talk show you listen to on your way to work.  

Now that we have given credit to you for breaking DNA code and taking a leap of faith to a healthier you, let’s talk supplements.

Before you roll your eyes.. we’re not talking about the supplements seen in huge, black, intimidating bottles. You know what we’re talking about.. the ones that have stretched pictures of superhumans lifting giant weights across the...

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4 Foods that Boost Your Brain Cognitive Function

healthy 21 tips May 10, 2018

It's no secret that every year Americans add even more items to their ever going, daily "to-do" lists. Along with working more than 40 hours a week... we also have to make time for workouts, grocery shopping, meal prep, kids schedules, social life, social media.. the list could go on. Not only are we expected to check these items off of our "to-do" list, we are also expected to give 100% of ourselves to them. When is enough, enough? 

To be honest, never.

BUT that doesn't mean we don't have tricks up our sleeves to help you give your 100% self from sunrise till after sundown. That is why we are partnered with KetoLogic. I know you're thinking.. KETOLogic? While Ketologic focuses primarily on the ketogenic diet, they have products that are not only Healthy 21 approve, they boost energy and brain cognitive function. Though they have a variety of products, the real star is their BHB Powder.

What is BHB you ask?

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a dietary supplement...

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Butter vs Ghee: Why Ghee Should be a Staple in Your Kitchen

healthy 21 tips Apr 12, 2018

Oh butter, you have been good to us for so many years. Buttered popcorn, pancakes with slices of butter to top, and not to mention the classic butterscotch candies!

But is it true that a Newer, Healthier, and EVEN MORE Decadent version has arrived?  

Yes, yes it is!

Ghee is the new and improved butter. With more health benefits, a more decadent taste, and able to cook at a higher heat there is no reason why Ghee shouldn’t be a staple in your pantry.

Still don’t believe that there is a better life after butter? We have listed the top 3 reasons Ghee is taking the world by a storm! 

  1. Ghee is rich in soluble vitamin A, E and D. By adding Ghee to your diet your body reaps the benefits of these vitamins which are known to boost your metabolism and balance your hormones.
  2. Ghee tastes like butter but even more butter! This is due to the way it is made.The process looks like this: Boiling butter in a pot, water will evaporate and the milk...
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