Meet Your Healthy 21 Trainers!

Hannah and Laura are two besties that believe living life should be healthy, fun, and full of girls who all have the same common goal.. to be the best versions of themselves! 

Welcome to Healthy 21 - We are Hannah & Laura, two girls who met 4 years ago working in a hair salon to now sharing our stories and creating a space for woman to get motivation, share their goals, and live the healthy lifestyle they have always wanted.

Together we decided that we were tired of living a life of complacency. Tired of feeling exhausted, depressed, and unhappy. Laura being a busy mom of 2 girls, wanted to take the time for herself to build strength, and healthy eating habits. Hannah, however was over weight and wanting to lose weight and get back to the body she lost years prior. We went on a journey to find the perfect weight loss program that we could do together. After trying A LOT of fad diets and failing, we were both about to give up before we decided to take matters into our own hands. After experiencing so many diet programs, you can imagine the amount of knowledge we gained from each program. Taking our experiences and doing a ton of research we both realized that programs don’t work because they are diets that equip you for a short period of time instead of giving tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Realizing this, we have found what has not only sustained our healthy lifestyles, but also our friends and families!

Both Hannah and Laura decided it was time to cut the crap out of our diets and go back to what we know to be true.. eating whole foods. Tossing all of the process sugar and dairy out allowed us to fall in love with nutritious foods and cooking. Once we learned the ease of going back to the basics we decided it was time to take it to the next level. Laura had found an article of fasting and how when your body is in a state of fasting you receive so many benefits. Taking that in account with her busy life as a mom she started fasting in intervals of 12-14 hours by eliminating the late night snacking and skipping a big breakfast. Immediately she knew that this was the next step in creating her dream program.

While Laura was solving all of her problems with fasting, Hannah was taking her new fond love of cooking whole foods to the streets. Her first victim was Paige. Paige and Hannah were long time friends and both worked at the same salon with Laura! When Paige started seeing the changes in Hannah and Laura she immediately asked what they were doing. 8 pant sizes down later.. Hannah had coached Paige to the point of no return! Paige was hooked! She love the way she looked, felt, and the friendships she strengthened with Hannah and Laura.

You can now find Paige in the kitchen whipping up delicious, whole food recipes to make all of our lives easier and stress free! Together the three of us want you to join our community of beautiful, strong, and determined woman to live the best, healthy life we can.

Who are Hannah & Laura?


Born is sunny Florida, Hannah grew up playing sports and eating a vegetarian diet to “stay skinny” to keep up with the girls around her. Once graduating she found herself eating to fill the void of not knowing what she wanted to do with her life. She used food as a social aspect to find groups of friends where she could belong. After 4 years and coming upon an engagement, Hannah decided enough was enough and started to look for dieting programs that she could use to lose weight for her wedding day. After going through the yo yo feeling of determination and failure she was about to give up when she decided to take matters into her own hands. Combining successful aspects from her research, she found the core values that changed her life, eating whole foods and Intermittent Fasting. A duo she believes can change lives for the healthier. Along the way she has welcomed girlfriends in with open arms and created a community of woman that all desire to be the best version of themselves.


Growing up on a golf course with her dad, Laura always had an active childhood. From an early age she fell in love with health & fitness, and carried that over into her adult life with ease. Marrying her husband 10 years ago, the two always made time for fitness and eating healthy foods! Laura had her first baby girl in 2010 and their focus shifted, rightfully so.. have you seen how precious her babies are?! 😍 5 years later came her second girl and Laura officially was a busy mom with an even busier schedule. Even though the love for her girls is greater than anything else, she started to realize that she was putting her health on the back burner.

Meeting Hannah in 2014, and hearing her struggles with weightless, Laura decided it was time to make their own destiny. Together they found what worked best for not only them, but the other girls around them. After taking the time for herself and her health, she has realized that not only is she happier but she is a better mom for her girls. Her hope is to inspire other mommas that are struggling to find the time for themselves, and get back to their healthy lifestyles. Not only for them but for their families!

What Our Community of Girls are Saying!

We love our #girlgang and all of the ways they encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves. Whether that be in health & fitness, with their families, or in the work space.. we believe woman rule the world and should stick together to make life just a little easier and WAY more fun!

Amanda F

I love Healthy 21! The program was what I needed to get back to healthy eating and introduced me to Intermittent Fasting, which I really like! Hannah and Laura were with me every step of the way and I will be forever thankful!  

Paige P

When Hannah and Laura started Healthy 21, I saw such a positive change in their lives I knew I had to be apart of it! 3 rounds of Healthy 21 later and keeping a healthy diet inbetween, I believe that it can change the lives of so many woman that are seeking a healthy lifestyle! I love you girls! 

Ashley A

Thank you Healthy 21 for showing me how to do intermittent fasting! I love it! It makes me feel energized and focused. Loosing a couple of inches wan't bad either! I will use these techniques for the rest of my life!

Together, Laura and I want to thank our community of girls for their support and taking the time to love themselves! Our lives our forever changed for the better and we want every woman in the world to feel the same love, and encouragement our community feels everyday. So.. what are you waiting for?! Let's get moving! 💪🏼

Your friends & trainers,
 Hannah & Laura

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